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Hi everyone!

Today is friday, and I forgot to post this yesterday, so let us pretend that it is thursday =)……..

For throwback thursday (as promised) is the story of where lover boy and I first met. (if you did not read the lover boy post, you can later)…

Dear lover boy,

Remember that night a couple of weeks ago when you refered back to the first time we met? Well I just wanted to let you know that I remember it  a little bit differently than you do. For starters I did not arrest you, and even if I wanted too, I did not have the authority to do so becaus,e as we obviously know, I am no police officer.

Anyways, the way remember it was that It was my first night on duty EVER as an RA and you came in with three two of your buddies. The alcohol smell on you guys was unbearable and I told you to just go to the room you were going to because we were about to go on a round of the building.

When my round was almost finished, I saw you and your friends with beer cans in your hands walking around. Obviously I had to do something so I called the police officer. From then on it was you guys and the cop.

I remember you looked at me and said “you are beautiful girl but you are mean. You are getting me in trouble.” All I have to say to you my dear is that in fact YOU got YOURSELF in trouble =)

Hope you learned your lesson, just because you say I’m pretty doesn’t mean I’ll do what you want 😉


The girl who got you in trouble


Hi Bloggers!


So a couple of nights ago we had an event in the building thrown by hall council and we made flubber! We had a great time and many fails before we succeeded!

I was going to talk about all the fun BUT, last night we had a fire alarm. Why? MY APARTMENT!!  Read the rest of this entry »


So my title is really confusing because if you search the word ISO I guarantee you will not find what I am talking about. The ISO I am talking about is the institutional security officers on our campus that are not quite officers but pose some authority. They are like RA reinforcements we could say =)

ANYWAYS… since I am at the downtown housing, we did not have an ISO last semester and we did not start with one. Suddenly we now have ISO’s. I personally do not mind (more people to talk to :D) but the residents seem to be thrown back by it.

I have been receiving many questions about this and NO, no one is in trouble! Every building on campus has ISO’s doing rounds and just showing there presence, except for ours. We finally have that and that’t is =) I think many people are concerned because now they have to figure out how they will sneak in the alcohol since we have the ISO’s there starting at 3PM.

OH WELL! IM HAPPY! They are fun to talk to!

Have an enjoyable day!


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