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Hey bloggers,

So Friday night was an interesting night to say the least. Besides the fact that I had to sit downstairs at the duty desk until 2am, I got to see some interesting residents. I have no funny stories to tell today and I would like so say we had another successful weekend here in the building. NO DAMAGES!! WOOT WOOT!! =)

What I did get to see was a lot of drunk residents with a sweet tooth. I brought a bag of 250 dum dum lollipops to the desk with me and let me tell you, by the end of the night I barely had any left. I had residents grabbing them by the handfuls, and even some that would come downstairs just  to grab more and more. By the end of the night, the residents were getting pretty drunk and excited about these lollipops. On my last round or so I ended up having to pick up lots of lolis on the 4th floor because some residents decided to go on a loli throwing frenzy (note to self: next time limit the number of lolis =P)

ANYWAYS… my favorite resident of the night was one who came downstairs specifically to grab some lollipops. He decided that he wanted to get the mystery flavor, but feared what flavor he would get. I told him to close his eyes and pick, he did so, and let me tell you it was so funny! He closed his eyes and lightly caressed each lollipop until he found the perfect one. He opened the wrapper and it was a beige colored pop. With excitement he tried it and when we asked the flavor his answer was ” I honestly do not know…I think I smoke too much that my taste-buds are shot.” SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!

Speaking of funny quotes, another resident said his lollipop tasted like strawberries and vodka. HAHAH… the officer with me turns to me after the resident leaves and says the strawberry is the pop, the vodka, what he must be drinking. GOOD TIMES ON FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

To end this happy post, here is a picture of the penguin ice cream cake I made yesterday!


Hey Bloggers,

I know what your thinking, what the heck does vodka and munchkins have to do with another. Apparently they don’t, but they were two things that were in my face yesterday!

Our building has been so good with not having damages lately that my boss decided to treat the residents to some juice and munchkins. It was very fun sitting downstairs and watching all these people chow down on munchkins. It’s nice to see how simple things make people happy =)

When we were cleaning up we see one of the residents about to enter the building with a box of beer and a bottle of vodka. He quickly turned around and put the stuff back into his car. What makes this worthy of blogging about is because he got in trouble not even 2 weeks ago with alcohol and here he comes strolling into the building like it’s no big deal. To make things even more interesting, he lives on the same floor as the RD… talk about lesson not being learned!

Oh well!! I got my munchkins so I’m happy =)

Have a happy weekend! Let’s pray for nothing toOo crazy this weekend…. I’ll be working =)

Hey bloggers!

This weekend was a long weekend (thank you presidents!) Because of that I was able to go home. My boyfriend and I were not able to celebrate valentines day so we sort of did this past weekend.

For valentines, he got us nerf guns! I do not know where to begin to describe the excitement of loading the bullets, cocking the gun, and shooting! I got a little carried away and hit him in the face several times including his eyes. Lesson learned… wear goggles =P

When I had to come back, I really wanted to bring the gun but I couldn’t because of school policy. Unfortunately my nerf fun is done…until next time!

“no hall sports” (one of the rules we need to enforce as an RA) Don’t want to get caught now do we? Maybe next time I’ll bring it in a pull the “I didn’t know my room was included in hall sports” card, or the “nerf isn’t a sport” or just say “it’s nerf or nothing” and close the door!

We’ll see what happens!

Hey bloggers!

It has been a while since I have updated. SORRY! I have had some pretty boring days. A lot of studying and “you-tubing” has been going on. My new favorite video on youtube would be the girl who sneezes with one eye open. Click here to watch. I just cannot get enough from it.

Anyways, the most exciting thing that has happened in this whole week would be the missing fire extinguisher in my building.The Resident Director sent an e-mail out and all the RA’s had to go around and knock on the doors. The next day the extinguisher was back, but empty. We have no idea who used it and where they discharged it. In light of this week’s event, here are two links: the first is how to use an extinguisher, the second how to clean up.

Besides exams and fire extinguishers, my days have been pretty boring. The long weekend is right around the corner and I can’t wait to go home and enjoy the family and boyfriend! For some inspiration on the rest of the week… =)

Do any of you have any interesting stories to tell? Mine have been pretty boring lately.


Hey bloggers!

I’d like to start off and say HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Second, I would like to throw out a **DISCLAIMER** My job as an RA is not to get people in trouble and to be a cop, it is to make sure people are safe… any situation that I run into is not because I am looking for it.

Last night, around 1:30 in the morning I was doing my last round of the building with an officer. From down the hall we heard a guy screaming at his girlfriend. He was saying something like this: “You want me to stop screaming? Why? So everyone can stop hearing the way you treat me? You treat me like crap…” We approached the room and stood behind the kid as he continued screaming.

His girlfriend saw us and told him we right behind him. He turns around and the officer asked what was going on and asked for an identification. He talked to the girl and guy separately. The officer told the kid to go home and he said “what! I can’t see my girlfriend anymore? I can’t have an argument?”

The officer said not tonight, you are going home and you can talk to her when you are both sober. The kid got pissed and asked him for his badge number. The officer told him  the number and the kid said “NO THAT’S NOT A REAL BADGE NUMBER!”

Cop shows him the badge and the kid asks for his name. He tells him Officer _______. The kid tells him that’s not enough he needs a first name. The Cop said that is enough, now go home. (It’s scary when you see an officer mad, I thought he was going to hit the kid!)

When we went back to talk to the girl she apologized and said he was a little mad because she was trying to break up with him.

Gotta love drunk break-ups!

It’s a love hate kinda thing 😉

for more RA stories click here

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Hey Bloggers,

Being a Resident Assistant can be a lot of work. Managing schoolwork, events, duty nights, and the unexpected can get a little much at times. Sleepless nights and drunk residents later, here I am creating a blog.

Two days ago I was leaving my apartment to go to class in the morning and what do I see? CLOTHES!! everywhere! Someone decided that they were so enraged that there were clothes in the laundry room, that they spread them out all over the ground. I picked the clothes up and put them back in the laundry room.

I tried to put myself in their shoes and process why they decided to just throw clothes everywhere. Sometimes these things are not meant to be understood… they happen.

Odd mornings like this are what keeps me entertained…

I love my job!

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