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Hey bloggers!

It has been a while since I have updated. SORRY! I have had some pretty boring days. A lot of studying and “you-tubing” has been going on. My new favorite video on youtube would be the girl who sneezes with one eye open. Click here to watch. I just cannot get enough from it.

Anyways, the most exciting thing that has happened in this whole week would be the missing fire extinguisher in my building.The Resident Director sent an e-mail out and all the RA’s had to go around and knock on the doors. The next day the extinguisher was back, but empty. We have no idea who used it and where they discharged it. In light of this week’s event, here are two links: the first is how to use an extinguisher, the second how to clean up.

Besides exams and fire extinguishers, my days have been pretty boring. The long weekend is right around the corner and I can’t wait to go home and enjoy the family and boyfriend! For some inspiration on the rest of the week… =)

Do any of you have any interesting stories to tell? Mine have been pretty boring lately.



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