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I am super excited it is Friday. I work this weekend and we have senate banquet tonight! Senate Banquet is like a prom for college kids =) anyways that is not what I am here to talk about so here’s my story…

Last week was an amazingly nice week full of sunshine and warm weather. When I got back to the building I decided to sit outside on the patio with the ISO and another RA. We were having a nice conversation and than I got the call, not just any call, but the call that started it all.

One of the RA’s from the building needed me to post a sign on his door for him and so I went innocently upstairs to put a sign on his door. Once that was all set, I decided to go up the elevator to the 5th floor to grab the RA phone because I was going to be on duty that night. The elevator took too long so off I went to the stairwell.

When I opened the door to the stairwell, I literally get rammed by a big black lab and a resident trying to rush up as fast as possible. I looked at the dog and looked at him and than the dog again. I was speechless. Personally, I was dying to pet the dog and play with him, but I just couldn’t. I ask the kid what the heck he was doing with the dog. He said that he took it for his friend to go to dinner with her parents. than he said and I quote “I told her I would take the dog and I never thought I would run into the RA.” I guess today was just his lucky day =) I sent him away, but that was not the last time I saw him.

Let’s just say everything else that happened that night (which was ALOT) was revolved around this kid and his apartment. HECTIC night…but that is a story for another day =)

Here is a funny video that I know anyone can relate to if they are the RA or the resident =) ENJOY!!


Ok so I have an idea! (don’t worry its a good one, I promise =D)

Lately, I have not been posting for a few reasons:

1- nothing really to talk about

2-busy busy busy

My solution:

THROWBACK THURSDAY!! I will share with you guys some funny stories that happened to me, both last semester, before this blog, and last year, as my first year as an RA.

So I won’t give up the best story just yet =P I will start off nice and slow so the stories can only get better, and not worse!

Story One: The Spitter:

Last year at around the end of the year, I had a lovely encounter with some spitters while I was on a round with another RA. As we were walking down the stairs we heard some guys laughing and being loud a couple flights above us. I, being super smart like I am, stuck my head out of the railing and looked up. At the same time that I looked up one the guys had hacked a nice big one right down. I felt like a ninja because by a split second that spit ball missed my forehead (thanks to my catlike reflexes).

Since I was a first year RA I had no idea how to respond and neither did the girl with me. We told them that was a close one and that if we every caught them again their would be consequences.

Lessons learned:

A. Don’t unassumingly stick your head where it could be in a vulnerable position

B. Don’t wait for a second time to do something…act on it =P

Thats all for this thursday’s I can promise will be better =).

In Brasil there is this famous saying used to describe efficient and effective people. We say they are like brillo pads with one thousand and one uses. I know it sounds wierd when you translate it but it is the exact way I would describe Erick!

Erick is the maintainer in our building. Our building is apartment style and houses 212 students. Ericks keeps up with all of that. He not only does the daily chores like vaccuum the hallways, mops the elevator and sweep the stairs, he also takes care of the parking area downstairs, the patio, and the plants outside too!!

When we had a crazy snowstorm, Erick was outise in the moring using a snowblower to make a path for the students to leave with their cars! He snow blew almost the ENTIRE parking lot! This man is a genius!

When we have a plumber, HVAC,carpentry, or electrical problem, guess who fixes it? That’s right Erick. He literally does everything. We never have to call anyone else in becasue Erick knows how to fix it!

Besides being so helpful around the building he is also the nicest and funniest man you will every meet. He is so easy going and probably knows as much, if not more, of the residents than I do.

I strongly believe that part of the reason why our building has had no damages yet this semester and is kept up so well is becasue of Erick, The best maintainer ever! and I mean it!

I just wanted to post about him today because he too is a big part of the building and deserves to be appreciated like everyone else! He is the coolest! =D

**I will post a picture soon,

Hi Bloggers!


So a couple of nights ago we had an event in the building thrown by hall council and we made flubber! We had a great time and many fails before we succeeded!

I was going to talk about all the fun BUT, last night we had a fire alarm. Why? MY APARTMENT!!  Read the rest of this entry »


So my title is really confusing because if you search the word ISO I guarantee you will not find what I am talking about. The ISO I am talking about is the institutional security officers on our campus that are not quite officers but pose some authority. They are like RA reinforcements we could say =)

ANYWAYS… since I am at the downtown housing, we did not have an ISO last semester and we did not start with one. Suddenly we now have ISO’s. I personally do not mind (more people to talk to :D) but the residents seem to be thrown back by it.

I have been receiving many questions about this and NO, no one is in trouble! Every building on campus has ISO’s doing rounds and just showing there presence, except for ours. We finally have that and that’t is =) I think many people are concerned because now they have to figure out how they will sneak in the alcohol since we have the ISO’s there starting at 3PM.

OH WELL! IM HAPPY! They are fun to talk to!

Have an enjoyable day!


Snow day

Posted on: March 2, 2012

Hey bloggers,

So my school is traumatized by snow due to the ridiculous snowpocalypse that happened in October. Since then, we have had a basically snowless winter… UNTIL… wednesday!!

I am an RA in downtown housing so we have to deal with city parking. Unfortunatley, the city is not very helpful and so we are stuck with having to try and be the go to people for what the city is doing (even though they do not really inform us). Around 10PM on wednesday night an officer started ticketing all the student cars parked on the side street without warning. Apparently there was a street parking ban that had bveen updated at 7PM. Many students were checking the website and saw nothing until around 10:15PM. My boss tried to get him to wait a couple minutes so we could get people to move their cars and he refused to help out and said the tow would be coming in an hour.  Me, another RA, my boss, and another RD, were running around the building telling people to move their cars. Apparently the website we checked was not the most reliable, even though the city clerk told us to use that site. Luckily we were able to get all the cars moved before the tow showed up and all the students will be appealing the tickets! =) Love downtown housing but not when it comes to parking!

From now on, we will be checking the local t.v. station and getting the update from the weather blog to help out the student and their commute to campus!

Have a great weekend!!!


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