My Life as an RA

Pizza Event

One of the events I did in the beginning of the year was so much fun! Since I am in an apartment housing setting, and you can never go wrong with food, we built our own pizzas and baked them in our ovens! Before the event happened, I had to advertise, I really wanted a large outcome so I made key hole advertisement!

I used fresh dough, so they had to use loads of flour to get that dough to stretch and stay =P

Stretching out the dough was the hardest part, once that was done, the rest was a breeze!!

Putting cheese was fun! Personally, I like to add some before the topping and after the toppings as well. You can never have too much cheese! =)

Some people put peppers and made theirs all pretty, I added chicken and onions to mine =)

Some of the residents didn’t have baking sheets to I gave up my oven, which made even more fun!!

Events like this one makes it so much fun to be an RA!!


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