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I’d like to start off and say HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Second, I would like to throw out a **DISCLAIMER** My job as an RA is not to get people in trouble and to be a cop, it is to make sure people are safe… any situation that I run into is not because I am looking for it.

Last night, around 1:30 in the morning I was doing my last round of the building with an officer. From down the hall we heard a guy screaming at his girlfriend. He was saying something like this: “You want me to stop screaming? Why? So everyone can stop hearing the way you treat me? You treat me like crap…” We approached the room and stood behind the kid as he continued screaming.

His girlfriend saw us and told him we right behind him. He turns around and the officer asked what was going on and asked for an identification. He talked to the girl and guy separately. The officer told the kid to go home and he said “what! I can’t see my girlfriend anymore? I can’t have an argument?”

The officer said not tonight, you are going home and you can talk to her when you are both sober. The kid got pissed and asked him for his badge number. The officer told him  the number and the kid said “NO THAT’S NOT A REAL BADGE NUMBER!”

Cop shows him the badge and the kid asks for his name. He tells him Officer _______. The kid tells him that’s not enough he needs a first name. The Cop said that is enough, now go home. (It’s scary when you see an officer mad, I thought he was going to hit the kid!)

When we went back to talk to the girl she apologized and said he was a little mad because she was trying to break up with him.

Gotta love drunk break-ups!

It’s a love hate kinda thing 😉

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