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Hey bloggers!

This weekend was a long weekend (thank you presidents!) Because of that I was able to go home. My boyfriend and I were not able to celebrate valentines day so we sort of did this past weekend.

For valentines, he got us nerf guns! I do not know where to begin to describe the excitement of loading the bullets, cocking the gun, and shooting! I got a little carried away and hit him in the face several times including his eyes. Lesson learned… wear goggles =P

When I had to come back, I really wanted to bring the gun but I couldn’t because of school policy. Unfortunately my nerf fun is done…until next time!

“no hall sports” (one of the rules we need to enforce as an RA) Don’t want to get caught now do we? Maybe next time I’ll bring it in a pull the “I didn’t know my room was included in hall sports” card, or the “nerf isn’t a sport” or just say “it’s nerf or nothing” and close the door!

We’ll see what happens!


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