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I have anticipated writing this post, and trying my best to make this as decent as possible. I think I will succeed:

SOOO…. Last year, as my first year as an RA, the year was coming to an end and everything had gone well. It was a sunday night and I was in my room watching the pirates of the Caribbean with some of my residents. We were almost done with the third one when around midnight I hear screaming.

Now, usually the screaming goes away, but this did not stop. I pause the movie and go out to see what it going on. What I saw I can never get back.. One of the guys from the floor below me was butt naked jumping up and down on the stair landing. As soon as he saw me he covered him self and ran down the stairs.

I followed him and I see a HUGE CROWD of people laughing at him. I send them all away and tell him to put some clothes on. He proceeded to partyboy one of my residents and then tells me he doesn’t want to stop because its fun.

I obviously called public safety and they got there so fast! Two officers for this one kid! He was so rude and loud to the officers I was amazed he didn’t leave in handcuffs that night. On top of all this, his teammate from the baseball team was trying to talk the cops down and take responsibility for everything! HE WAS DRUNK TOO!!

When the officers asked him if was naked earlier (at this point he had put on boxers when they found out the cops were coming) he said no and they looked at me and ask did you see this kid naked? and I said yes, and they turned back to him and said you were naked.

They finally got him to bed and sent me off to my room. I RAN UP SO FAST AND LOCKED THE DOOR!! His teammate was looking at me with such evil eyes.

OH THE THINGS I HAD TO DEAL WITH LAST YEAR….Freshman are something else….

I hope you enjoyed this post!!  I can now laugh about this, but last year, I was almost crying!


Hi everyone!

Today is friday, and I forgot to post this yesterday, so let us pretend that it is thursday =)……..

For throwback thursday (as promised) is the story of where lover boy and I first met. (if you did not read the lover boy post, you can later)…

Dear lover boy,

Remember that night a couple of weeks ago when you refered back to the first time we met? Well I just wanted to let you know that I remember it  a little bit differently than you do. For starters I did not arrest you, and even if I wanted too, I did not have the authority to do so becaus,e as we obviously know, I am no police officer.

Anyways, the way remember it was that It was my first night on duty EVER as an RA and you came in with three two of your buddies. The alcohol smell on you guys was unbearable and I told you to just go to the room you were going to because we were about to go on a round of the building.

When my round was almost finished, I saw you and your friends with beer cans in your hands walking around. Obviously I had to do something so I called the police officer. From then on it was you guys and the cop.

I remember you looked at me and said “you are beautiful girl but you are mean. You are getting me in trouble.” All I have to say to you my dear is that in fact YOU got YOURSELF in trouble =)

Hope you learned your lesson, just because you say I’m pretty doesn’t mean I’ll do what you want 😉


The girl who got you in trouble

Ok so I have an idea! (don’t worry its a good one, I promise =D)

Lately, I have not been posting for a few reasons:

1- nothing really to talk about

2-busy busy busy

My solution:

THROWBACK THURSDAY!! I will share with you guys some funny stories that happened to me, both last semester, before this blog, and last year, as my first year as an RA.

So I won’t give up the best story just yet =P I will start off nice and slow so the stories can only get better, and not worse!

Story One: The Spitter:

Last year at around the end of the year, I had a lovely encounter with some spitters while I was on a round with another RA. As we were walking down the stairs we heard some guys laughing and being loud a couple flights above us. I, being super smart like I am, stuck my head out of the railing and looked up. At the same time that I looked up one the guys had hacked a nice big one right down. I felt like a ninja because by a split second that spit ball missed my forehead (thanks to my catlike reflexes).

Since I was a first year RA I had no idea how to respond and neither did the girl with me. We told them that was a close one and that if we every caught them again their would be consequences.

Lessons learned:

A. Don’t unassumingly stick your head where it could be in a vulnerable position

B. Don’t wait for a second time to do something…act on it =P

Thats all for this thursday’s I can promise will be better =).

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