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It is Monday and that means the start of a new week. Time to forget about this past weekend and think of a happy new week. Spring weekend if officially OVER!!

I must say though it was fun and I got a new trucker hat, (pic to follow in the bottom). On Saturday, we had TYGA come to our school for a concert. Since the doors opened at 6pm, you can already imagine how drunk these people got, not to mention how early!

The night started off great but once the concert was over, it was hectic. Around 11pm people started rolling in and we had to trespass a girl who tried climbing up the patio of our building with help from her friends. Her drunk friend of course got put into protective custody because he could barely walk!

The interesting part of the night was around 3AM. We had someone come down and tell us his friend had drunk and was sleeping and fell off the top bunk and was not responding. After about 10 minutes they got a response from him but had to take him to hospital to check him to see if he got a concussion. He did not look happy when the EMT’s pull him out in a stretcher all strapped up. We checked up on him and he is doing fine now, THANK GOD!! =)

Did I mention, he threw up everywhere =/. Poor Erick, our maintainer had to come in at 3:30 to clean up the room that was full of vomit.

The night finally began to quiet down after that, and sunday consisted of me, in my bed, attempting to do homework. After-all, I am still in school! =)



It’s a Tuesday night and one of your fellow RA’s gets sick and so you offer to cover the desk for them. You get ready, put on your work attire (duty duds) and do a round of the building. You get downstairs and sit on the couch as you watch residents come in. Since it is Tuesday, Hall council shows up and has a meeting for about an hour. A quick hour of duty has already gone by.

The second hour of duty begins and you go on another round of the building, everything is quite, almost too quiet as you are finishing the round on the last floor. You sit back down on the couch and this time there is no one but you there. At around 10:30 the sick RA comes back from the hospital and talks to you about how he is feeling. 15 minutes later and you are packing up again to go on another round. The round is finished and now you can stay in your room for the rest of the night.

Hour three has now begun and you are in your room minding your business when your roommate informs of you of some loud residents on the patio. You walk outside and tell them they need to be quiet or you will call public safety. As you are talking to them the cold night are is blowing on your bare skin and your legs are shaking. You give them one chance to be quiet and calm the loud drunk resident down.

Hour four and you go on the midnight round. Building is quiet again and so you go back to your apartment and skype your boyfriend.

Hour five rolls around and the last round is so close and at your finger tips. You do the round skeptically looking and waiting something is to happen, and before you know it, you are homefree in your bed getting ready to sleep.

As you begin to dose off you hear a sound, not a half hour after you get into bed, by someone shouting and stomping. You quickly gather yourself together and go directly to the location of the noise. Nothing is around and the hallway is silent. As you are on your trek back to your room, you hear a sound again and go back to check. You stumble upon the same drunk kid as earlier but this time with no shoes.

Your eyes are wanting to close but you know you have to stay awake. You ask the resident what is wrong and all he states is that his friends have disowned him. You ask him about his shoes… his response that its irrelevant and runs away. As you follow behind him on his trail to the patio you are on the phone with public safety informing them about the situation and the RDOD(resident director on duty) as well. You inform them that the resident has climbed over the railing of the patio to the other side and has now jumped onto the dumpster and down onto the parking lot.

Not knowing how exactly to react, and knowing once you step outside you will be cold again, you go for the safety of the intoxicated “friend.” You ask him to come back and he shouts NO YOU COME TO DUMPSTER AND PICK ME BACK UP!! speechles you pause and ask him to quiet down. You attempt to convince him that coming inside is the best thing. He refuses and runs away.

You are at the home stretch of the night (or so you think) once the officers arrive. Three of them for this one kid. They decide to PC (protective custody) him for the night until he sobers up.

Half an hour later and you find yourself in your boss’s office writing a report of what happened and informing some of the residents how to do so as well.

2:30AM and about an essay of a report later, you arrive in your room, lock the door, turn off the lights, crawl back into bed, flip the warm covers over you, snuggle with all your teddy bears, close your eyes, and pass out.

That is your life … Just another unexpected night for You, the RA.

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been thinking, and I noticed that I talk a whole lot about occurrences with all the drunk people, and not enough about the more relaxing part of the job. Today I want to talk about getting inspired for programming and events. I have a various number of links that can help you get inspired. These ideas can help with everyone too, not just RA’s!!

The first places I go to when looking for ideas are RA Programming sites, the top one being BUT…

When I have lots of time in my hands, I try to create some events and programs that people have not done before. Repeating the same old things can get boring, for not only you, but your event goers too. I try getting inspired randomly.

Take peanut butter for example. That website has a list of national peanut butter days, you could take a whole month and devote it to peanut butter things (as long as no one is allergic) Have a food tasting event and Peanut Butter Games. GET CREATIVE!! finding inspiration in the weirdest of places can sometimes get you the best turn out.

Lastly, I want to mention the money aspect. We get a $150.00 budget but I like to save as much as possible. If you can find as many do it yourself things as possible, you can save money and throw a HOOPLA and go all out at the end of the semester!! Also, just browsing the internet one day you might  find something inspirational! Always keep your eyes open =)

Here is a silly video I found on youtube with some RA’s hosting a game-show week!


Have a Happy Wednesday

“now you just wait one second, what in the world do you think you’re doing?”

Hi everyone!

Today is friday, and I forgot to post this yesterday, so let us pretend that it is thursday =)……..

For throwback thursday (as promised) is the story of where lover boy and I first met. (if you did not read the lover boy post, you can later)…

Dear lover boy,

Remember that night a couple of weeks ago when you refered back to the first time we met? Well I just wanted to let you know that I remember it  a little bit differently than you do. For starters I did not arrest you, and even if I wanted too, I did not have the authority to do so becaus,e as we obviously know, I am no police officer.

Anyways, the way remember it was that It was my first night on duty EVER as an RA and you came in with three two of your buddies. The alcohol smell on you guys was unbearable and I told you to just go to the room you were going to because we were about to go on a round of the building.

When my round was almost finished, I saw you and your friends with beer cans in your hands walking around. Obviously I had to do something so I called the police officer. From then on it was you guys and the cop.

I remember you looked at me and said “you are beautiful girl but you are mean. You are getting me in trouble.” All I have to say to you my dear is that in fact YOU got YOURSELF in trouble =)

Hope you learned your lesson, just because you say I’m pretty doesn’t mean I’ll do what you want 😉


The girl who got you in trouble


Posted on: April 11, 2012


I just wanted to update you all on what is the happening in my section! I just recently put up a new bulletin board called NINJA!

It is an acronym I invented for making important decisions! I hope you enjoy =)

For more descriptions on the board check out my  RA tips page


Lover boy

Posted on: April 9, 2012

Good morning everyone!

So I was on duty last weekend and let me tell you, I do not know what story I should tell. Should I talk about the drunk kid who had too many shots and got transported to the hospital, but left his mark as the all time funniest drunk kid EVER!! or the one about the drunk kid who has basically loved me for two years but hated me at the same time?

I chose to talk about lover boy.

I was sitting at the desk with my boss and here comes in 3 guys who are pretty drunk. They were not from our building so they couldn’t get into the building. One of them showed me his I.D. in attempts of getting me to open the door. The next 30 minutes was history…

He recognized me and pointed to me and said YOU!! YOU GOT ME IN TROUBLE ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAh is all I could do. He was the first person I had ever gotten in trouble in my RA career. THE 1ST NIGHT I WAS ON DUTY!! (i’ll talk about that story on one of my throwback thursday posts =D). He was so mad and yet so happy to see me that I honestly was so confused. When him and his friends finally got inside, they sat down and stayed talking to us for a half hour.

He said that ever since the night he got in trouble he had the biggest crush on me and when he saw me around campus he just wanted to choke me but he would never because I was so cute and he had the biggest crush. Apparently he even described me to his mom. He went on and on about how he wanted to take me on a date. I found out he had a girlfriend and I told him that she would be very upset that he was trying to get some other girl to go on a date with him. His response: “OH BOY! Would she ever!!”

He eventually left with a group of friends and came back 2 more times that night! The third time he came back, I pretended that the officer on with me was my boyfriend and that made him feel awkward and he ended up not coming back.

By the end of the night his stories of how much he likes me became repetitive and annoying.


I just find it interesting how life is a cycle, sometimes it’s same situations different people, and other times, it’s the same people different situations =)


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